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Contest Lines from 614 Labs increases revenue while reducing costs.
Contest Lines from 614 Labs is an easy to use, interactive service that saves time, increases non-traditional revenue and provides results for your advertisers. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to get started.

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When a listener calls in to win, they hear a short commercial message from the Contest Line Sponsor. If the winning caller hasn't won, then they'll hear what caller number they are. If they're calling after the winner's been selected, they're hear that there's already a winner.
As a consolation prize, all non-winning callers have the opportunity to press "1" if they're calling from their mobile phone. When they press one, they'll instantly recieve a text message coupon for an offer from the Contest Line Sponsor!
Winning callers are transferred, essentially instantly, to the studio. So, instead of having to clear the phone lines, answer the calls telling them what caller number they are, take the winning caller, have the phone lines jammed with "losing" callers, we deliver the winning caller to the studio in seconds. After the contest is over, the Contest Line rings busy.
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